Join world-renowned academics and practitioners for a free 2-day conference on women, war, and peacebuilding.

Academic presentations will cover:

  • The impact of war on females and children
  • How females engage in conflict
  • The status and needs of women and children post-conflict

Practitioner presentations will cover:

  • The current Utah-refugee influx
  • How citizens can prepare to welcome and integrate refugees
  • How refugees seek to build their families, businesses, and futures in Utah.

The first training session will help students and concerned citizens understand how to pursue peace in a diverse community at the local level.  The second training session will help students and concerned citizens know how to help victims of conflict-related sexual violence heal.  The third training session will inform students and members of the community on the different ways to pursue a career in peacebuilding.


Closing Concert

Tom NielsonThe J. Bonnie Ritchie Dialogue and UVU Peace and Justice Studies Program are pleased to announce that Thomas Neilson will be performing a closing concert at the conference.

Thomas Neilson provides a voice for those who believe in the power of folk music to effect change. His award-winning songs of humor and compassion have been performed in 21 countries on 5 continents. His lyrics are celebrated for their sophistication, political astuteness, & wit. Known as the Bard Insurgent, Tom is a veteran of stage and street theater with his writing, acting, and directing. His songs draw the listener into his musical response to globalization.

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