Call for Papers

ABSTRACT DEADLINE: February 25, 2016 at 5:00 PM.

DRAFT DEADLINE: March 10 at 5:00 PM.


Workshop on UN resolution 1325′ UNAMIL, 26 September 2012. Accessed at “Negotiating a Better Peace: Women & Civil Society at the Table,” Women in International Security, July 23, 2014.

Women and children suffer from cultural and structural violence in many ways that men do not. The safest person in contemporary warfare is the soldier. Women also contribute profoundly to peacebuilding and transitional justice in many way that often goes unrecognized. Women contribute to water security, food security, energy security, and other forms of human security in crucial ways, and and increasing amount of development strategies are geared toward women.

We are calling for papers that will examine women’s experiences in violent conflict and peacebuilding. We are also calling for papers that advance our theoretical and practical knowledge regarding the prioritization and empowerment of women and children. Papers might analyze violent conflict, conflict transformation, fear, discrimination, sexual violence, aid, development, criminality, reconstruction, transitional justice, and more.

Send an abstract not to exceed 500 words, summarizing and forecasting your paper to

Please indicate your institution and if you are an undergraduate or graduate student.

Papers will be considered for publication.